Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Bring me back...

I feel suffocated now, I don’t know when and how, my life changed this way. Things are going smooth but there is no content and gay! I am not sure where am I going and why am I going. My mind is dull and not showing. I am blank, I think I have lost the track.
Hey can you bring me back???

I wanna cry but somehow I don’t, I wanna laugh but somehow I don’t.
I always wanted to fly high, but now I think I wont!
I know every one loves me and they are always there, but I don’t know why, I really don’t care.
What is happening to me coz there is nothing that I lack.
I am really scared can you please bring me back???

Once more I want to shout at silly little things, I want to fly high with open wings. I want to look into the mirror and say “I am the best”.
I want to think about myself and take rest!
Why is it that I am struggling to master all the things when I am not “The Jack”
I desperately want to get back...


  1. >nice expression......indeed...

  2. >hmm...toh aj kisi ne mere sare entries padhe hain...shukriya shukriya...:)