Saturday, 30 May 2009

Stupids and Stupidities- I miss.

Last Saturday, sitting all alone at Costa Coffee, I was reminiscing about my school days. I tried to recall every moment and it was great! The moments of never ending fun, those small little fights which were no less than grand battles, all the secrets sharing, all those jokes, all the laughter and cries. I tried to re-live every moment while taking a large sip of hot chocolaty coffee. It was raining outside. Rain brings with it… a tide of memories and sometimes a volcanic outburst of emotions.

Once again I wanted to jump over the lunch boxes like a hungry leopard, once again I wanted to make fun of the teachers, once again I wanted to talk about my latest crush, I wanted someone to pamper me, I wanted someone to fight for me without telling me, I wanted someone to put their head on my lap and ask me to “sing a song,” once again I wanted to get panicky about useless things and wanted to laugh off the most serious matters… I wanted someone to pull my hand and throw me into the rain… I wished to see them all…Sushi, Anush, Sampa, and Kirti…my all girls “Gang.”

But things have changed for all of us now. Its not that we don’t catch up…we do catch up very often. But none of us has time to think beyond our careers. Sushi is working hard and dreaming high. Anush, struggling her way to crack CA. Sampa, lost in her studies. Kirti, trying hard to make it big someday… and me as confused as ever! Today we have no time for fun. “So many dreams and so less time,” I often hear them saying. Is it so? Don’t we have any time for fun?

We hardly discuss about guys and talk more about being independent…our eyes are no more naïve, they look mature…we talk more about the politics that happens at our workplace and less about each other. Things have changed and I think we are not what we were. I often wonder can’t we take some time out to just sit back, stop thinking about our careers, our salaries, prejudices, politics and just lapse into the lazy, yet comfortable silence and just enjoy the things around. Enjoy the ticking off the clock, listen to the tapping of rain, feel the hot chocolate coffee while it seeps lethargically into our mouth, enjoy the aroma of our favorite perfume…these are small little things but they surely make difference to our lives.

I held my cell phone and entered a text…fewer phone calls and lesser talks…
Huge crowd but lonely walk…
No hand to hold me when I fall.
Oh. All of a sudden I am missing you all…
I love you guys so much.
I sent that message to all my friends and guess what happened??? A flood of phone calls they sounded all the same, they were as pissed with their schedules as I was with mine, they so wanted to meet me the way I wanted to meet them. This time we planned to meet up to recreate all those memories. I had almost finished my coffee. I looked outside, the rain had stopped. I reached for my bag and left the café.


  1. >iska to to title hi itna mast hai ...'lawaaris'...haha.....

  2. >hahaha...exactly...:) I thot those readin it myt jus come up with one..!

  3. >i got a title.. "a cup of nostalgia"...well nice blog priyanka...i just read dis n i've already strtd misin ma frns lyk nvr bfore ...nostalgia grippin!!