Sunday, 8 January 2012

Collage :)

When you think of me, remember me happily…

…If you can somehow manage to find yourself here, in any word/moment/phrase/sentence.

Remember the times when we are in school. The times when we had limited pocket money (very limited) and a grand treat was something that had pastry, patty and coke. Remember Muskaan Bakery, where we used to spend most of our time. Remember that special corner on the third floor where we used to conduct our secret meetings concerning Sampa’s early wedding (which never took place). Remember the letters that we used to write to each other during birthdays. Remember Kala Darpan and Pandera. Remember the times when we were good friends, and the times, when we were a little more than that. Remember all the poems that I ever wrote for you and the happy texts that I ever sent. Remember Hisar. (I was madly in love with you then :P) Think of all the places we've ever been to, including restaurants where we always ended up saying, ‘mujhe toh kuch bhi chalega, you decide what to order’.  Remember room no. 9 of Kirorimal College and our endless memories attached to it. Also remember the Players where we met, became friends. Remember Ithaka and our night-outs. Remember Sula. Remember, you loved me on stage and told me that I am a delightful actress. (I loved every moment of that conversation) Remember the bitching and gossiping sessions we had, and also the times when you tagged along with us, even though it was an all-girl-shopping. Remember the college corridor and the quick hugs. Remember how we used to miss each other during weekends. Remember, 8:15am and R.west metro station. Remember how we used to bitch about guys whenever I came to your place. Remember the days when we were one crazy family and the way we bitched about The Players. Remember Shirdi. Remember the initial days of Roobaroo. Remember Haldiram and Raj-Kachori, (Whenever I bump at Haldiram, NSP, I think of the good times we had. We laughed quite a bit, didn’t we?). Remember your red swift and that mirror, (I always wanted you to replace it with a bigger one so I could see my face properly). Remember the Pjs we ever cracked. We talked and sometimes we didn't. Remember IGNOU. Remember Alliance Francaise de Delhi, our classes, pasta, and grilled sandwiches. Remember my running away from camera and your still managing to click.  Remember your endless stories and poems that you ever shared with me. Remember the word ‘schizophrenia’, and your obsession with it, so much so that all your stories revolved around it. Remember the giggles, diggles, priggles, asthiggles. Remember Pri. remember Khichdi, Hamanshooo and Parmeedar. Remember the superman t-shirt we bought for ourselves. Remember the tea I made (I still make good tea). Remember the way we posed. Remember how you called me from Banaras and played happy birthday on your harmonica (I never said it before but it always made me feel special.) Remember, how I cooked for you. Remember how I used to call you ‘Engineer sa’ab’ and made fun of you, your job and your odd wor, always. Remember, you called me ‘genius’. 

All those stupid-silly moments that we lived together (are living together) still make me smile (will always make me smile).


  1. rashmi-the hubby..:P8 January 2012 at 09:50

    :))) i remember too much..! you always manange to remind me of all that n bring taht feel always ..:)) i love you dear kandpal..<3 p.s remember all the fuck ups always happened with us two two souls tied to each other..!! i remember..<3

  2. Kaisi si hai tu....anyway...what I remember is that u will always remain SHEEPO....aisi hi rahiyo hamesha

    1. Awww.. rashmi.. :D :D

      Neha- Main ekdam thik hun. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppooooo.. :D Call me to Dehradun or come down to Delhi, it's been super long!!