Sunday, 26 August 2012

Of times.

There are times when I just want to look at you. Lovingly. Then there are times when I look at you and frown.

You take me back to a world which was mine, some time back (or some years ago). You recreate history in the most convincing way possible. You remind me of the good times and that’s what I like the most about you. Oops. I just kissed you. It came naturally. Don’t mind. You just made me think of the rain, coffee cups and conversations. Couldn't help it. Wait, I will wipe the marks lip balm right away.  You just made me believe that fights can be avoided with a bit of indifference, at times. You remind me of long forgotten friendships. And the silly jokes. The food and the drinks. The streets and the houses.  And the people too. You remind me of the moments gone by. You do make me think of love stories, and love, that never happened.

Dear old mobile phone, you have seen it all, the good, the bad, the old and the new. You remind me of the oldness. You remind me of abandoned ideas and incomplete poems lying in the drafts. You also remind me of the phone numbers which were once, much more than that! How beautifully you remind me of the passage of time.

There are times when I just want to look at you, lovingly. Then there are times when I look at you, and frown. 


  1. I thot u have lost ur old phone...Chalo jaate jaate phone ne ek achcha kaam toh inspired u to write something....tune kaafi time ke baad kuch post kiya...isn't it??? BTW ghazab likha hai...

  2. Khoya nahi, change kiya tha. And I still have all my old phones with me. I have this bad habit of piling up old stuff.

    Yes, I was caught up with my exams. Toh, didn't get time. Glad to know that someone really keeps a track of my posts! Makes me feel happy.

    Thank you for always being the first one to comment on my posts! :)

  3. aawww.. u hav written it toh it has 2 b gud ;) ... i am also missing ur phone, atleast tere msg toh samajh aate the :p