Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dear Meeting

Dear Meeting,

You could have been nice, couldn’t you? Why did you have to be this cold to the two of us? You could have eased it all, but you chose not to. We did deserve our share of good time, didn’t we? I have this habit of going back into a zone where I miss people. I miss things associated with them. I think of words that could have been said and of things that could have been done.  It is one of those zones right now. And I hate you, dear meeting, for being such a rude one. Had you been a little nicer, it would have made all the difference.

Try and be a little human-like next time. People should go home and talk all nice things about you. They should think about you, and remember you with smiles. Stop being this shrewd observer. It’s not good at all. We, silly humans, expect so much out of you, at times. You wouldn’t even know but a lot of things, a lot many times, depend on you.

Please realize that and be nice. Next time.

Till then,

I will hate you for what you did last time. 

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