Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Long Roads and Longer Routes

I am fan of long roads. I just don’t want the bus journey to stop. All I want to do is look outside. Feel the wind on my face to the extent that it almost stops me from breathing. I like view of the sun. I like the evening sun. I like it when it travels with me. Every time I look outside, it chases me. It’s funny but it tries to match our speed. 

I look outside into infinity. I look at the red light. I see people boarding and de-boarding the bus. I don’t want to step out. It feels comfortable inside. I don’t want to meet new passengers. Why can’t we just stick to the same bus? Why is it that we have to change buses?

All I want is a long road and endless walking. Long routes give me an illusion that something will eventually come. That a destination is yet to arrive. I like that illusion.
I like the illusion of hope that it creates. 


  1. Seems like u struggle a lot for the window seat :P ...liked the post!!

    1. Would you always take up a pseudonym to post a comment on my blog? Like, always? ;)

      Thankyou, still :)