Saturday, 19 July 2014

My Zesty Five: An entry for Blogadda

This post is a part of the #Zest Up Your Life" activity in association with "TATA Motors Zest"  and

...for the Zest lies in the small pleasures, that make you a little more human!

1. Zest: a thought of tomorrow!

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Thought of tomorrow, dreads a few and demotivates few others. To me, a pinch of tomorrow, creates a magical zest that makes me look forward to life with dreamy eyes.

Tomorrow will greet me with possibilities new,
I will cherish its freshness like a drop of dew.
Forgetting yesterdays, in the present I’ll be gay,
Tomorrow will help me find a better way
In the present, I will let myself carelessly sway,
I’ll remember Scarlet,
for Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrows give me hopes of a new start, and hence the thought of a new morrow re-energizes me.

2. Mountains, Stars and a handful of Sunshine

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Mountains, stars and sunshine – they fill me with emotions. An occasional dose of mountains makes me think of all the beauty that the world still beholds. Amidst all the misery that the world stacks at us everyday, looking at the stars, all night; it makes me realize that there is nothing more powerful than the forces of love and compassion. Mountains and stars bring me back to myself and recreate for me, the magic called humanity.

3. Looking at the Bridges; a catalyst for a zesty living 

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Bridges create a connect,
Life isn’t after all about solo living
Bridges make me want to unite
by forgetting and forgiving.
Bridges emphasize upon the need
to fill the gaps,
and bridges smoothly bring you closer
to people, places and moments, perhaps?

4. Long Roads and Longer Routes; for they create an illusion of life
I am a fan of long roads. I like it when the road travels with me. Every time I look outside, it chases me. All I want is a long road and endless walking. Long routes give me an illusion that something will eventually come. I like the way it keeps my zest for life going by making me believe that a destination is yet to arrive. I like that illusion. I like the illusion of hope it creates for me.

5. Yellowed Letters; recreate a never ending zest

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Letters—they always bringt a smile on my face. The questions posed in the letters, they have long been answered. The assertions made in those tiny pieces of papers have grown or altered with time. The regrets discussed, and the problems shared bring a solace now. Someone said it rightly, “one of the pleasures of reading old letters is the knowledge that they need no answer”.

Yellowed letters, they are precious for they keep safe beneath their folds— meetings, memories and memoirs of the time gone by.

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  1. Mountains, Stars and a handful of Sunshine - Favourite :)