Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Each One Feed One: The Happiness Initiative

And sometimes, Happiness is all about making others happy. Happiness surely is contagious.
We’re not a huge team, just a couple of individuals scattered around different locations of Delhi. We’re a handful of youngsters with an innate desire to make people happy. ​Sometimes, we’ll delight a bunch of lovely kids around the street with a Sunday meal. ​Some other times, for our old-but-young-at-heart grand-parents, we’ll crack a free dance deal.​ We would love to convince your boss to give you a surprise day-off, for we know that he’s good at heart. ​Give us some time and soon, we’ll create a wonderful ‘Happiness chart’.​

So we began the Happiness drive with Sunday Supper on the Streets. A lot of lovely people came forward to feed the unfortunate ones on the street. We had Akanksha and Baljeet who distributed cake and interacted with a bunch of kids working at the tea stall or selling Maize at the footpath. Cake, Care and Conversation, that is what was lovely about their gesture. They got to meet children with dreamy eyes and beautiful names. So the bhutta (maize) seller girl and boy (in the picture)are Poonam and Deepak. The boy in orange T-shirt works at a tea-stall, and his name is Vishal and the other girl in the third picture has a really pretty name. It resembles my blog, she is "Subah (morning)"!

The very fact that we were able to do this--even though it wasn’t a large scale one--it still, makes me happy. I am happy to see the team doing it out of their own will and not by force. Hope this happiness grows manifold. And I hope we’re able to feed more people in the near future. 

Another set of the same initiative was carried out at Rithala Metro Station, Rohini where we met some rag-pickers, and beggers sitting at the footpath. Kirti, me, Rita, and Anushka were ready with the food. Suddenly, a lot of positive energy starts flowing into your veins when you engage yourself in an act like that. I was a little scared and didn’t want to run out of food. Anushka had lovingly prepared chhole-poori and achaar for the kids. The interesting part was the way she had wrapped it all together in the form of a tempting-easy-to-eat-roll. We, on the other hand had packed chhole-kulche from a road-side stall. We saw some kids sitting at the metro station entrance. Seeing food in our hand, they started looking at us with expectant eyes. The teacher in me woke-up and I ordered themto stay quiet and sit in a line. They smilingly did what I commanded. As soon as we distributed the food, they opened the packets and started to eat. It was a delightful sight!

And then, few kilometers from there, we met this cute kid who picked-up the food, and happily posed for the camera.

We had something for everyone. And thankfully we did not run out of food.

It was a Happy Sunday. We're thinking of venturing into many more happy sundays! You can join us from any  part of the World. Just share your Happiness Pictures with us. It's encouraging and inspiring. And above all, there's a feel good factor attached to it! :)