Sunday, 7 September 2014

7-Epic Matrimonial Profile Descriptions

Dear Matrimonial sites, you gave me a good laugh!

So well, you have to try it to be in position to criticize it. You name it and I’ll tell you that I’ve reviewed them all. Not because I am a writer but because I thought something good might come out of it. Yes, I thought! Something good did come out of it... ;)

Here are some common features that you must have noticed if you ever happen to have a matrimonial profile.

Every man describes himself as “simple”, I don’t know about women. But all men are looking for (most, if not all!) a fair, beautiful, simple, soft-spoken, nice, working, traditional, family-oriented, broad-minded, honest, friendly girl. Yes, that’s true. They're good with adjectives. 
One most important aspect is “understanding”. I just don’t ‘understand’ this word.

Here are some typical profiles that I came across on matrimonial sites. These are hilarious! 

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  1. Last one was amazing! That guy thinks so clearly..hahaha