Friday, 30 January 2015

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How I wish this wasn’t a mere blogpost and someone was actually asking me for my wishes. How I wish, whatever long-pending aspirations I am going to pen-down now, come true as soon as I finish writing.  The things that I have been putting off for a long time, are actually the things that require some money (which never stays with me!), planning (that I am unable to stick to!) and organization (which is not my thing!). So basically, I know exactly why these things have been stuck to my ‘Things-to-do-before I am 28-list’:

Publish My Poetry ebook:

Honestly, it’s no big deal. All that I have been thinking of doing is publishing an E-book containing my various poetic affairs. It doesn’t even require money. The only trouble is that I somehow can’t manage to get myself into the selection mode. It’s really important to select a theme and start segregating poems on that basis. Every time I think of advancing towards this long-pending project, I end-up telling myself, “I will think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day”.

A Practice Space for Roobaroo:

Roobaroo is my theatre group. I have long-cherished this dream of creating a nice-little space for Roobaroo’s rehearsals. We have practiced outside during freezing cold and scorching heat; and I always wanted us to have a space of our own.

Continuing the Happiness Initiative:

THI was basically an initiative I started back in India (which means before coming to France), and I thought to being able to manage it from France. It was all about feeding the poor on the streets every Sunday. But somehow I couldn’t continue doing it. Given a chance, I would love to re-launch the Happiness initiative.
These dreams of mine are not difficult to accomplish but sometimes, just sometimes in your life, you just can’t find the right time to do the right thing.

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