Friday, 13 February 2015

Pangong, JW and a lot more!

Found this one on my sky drive. Wrote it during my Ladakh trip. Found some other notes too. Will share them shortly.
A few drinks down and we could keep the laugh riot going all night. And with me, it's different; and I proudly share it with everyone. I get high seeing happy-high people. So there I had-- the golden sun disappearing into the mountains, extremely cold breeze freezing me, star-lit sky, giggling Viv and happy Angie; and of course Johnny Walker to spice it up for us. We sat by the bonfire and got on talking with occasional giggles.
So you know there are those moments when you indulge in conversations and not in small talks. The moments when you suddenly feel like there is an invisible thread that connects people. It's one of those conversations that you cherish forever and it makes you believe in a Universe where almost everyone is living a similar life with few variations here and there. It's a conversation that goes on from one junction to the other, it travels with you and you start enjoying it. That's what happened with me and Viv.
We were happy and chatty

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  1. Hey Priyanka! So great to hear how you put into words that evening!! It was a great experience that in many ways was the culmination of our trip. And the conversation was very bonding and had as ingredients so many small moments that we'd all shared together throughout the week. Only a shame that we only had one more day together...
    Thanks for sharing and putting your experience into words! V xxx