Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Little Love Notes #9

And then I saw this lost child,
trying to find his own way
into the wild
he smiled at me,
and I smiled back,
he waved at me,
and I waved back
He talked to me
and I talked back
I gave him my finger,
He clutched it tight
He looked at me
with eyes, expectant and bright

We soon decided to go on a ride,
He trembled seeing me by his side

Hand in hand we started walking,
more than anything,
he was fond of talking
he needed a patient ear
to share his dreams and dump his fears
His eyes were honest,
and heart that believed in the best,
he would sing songs,
and easily forget the wrongs

I wanted to make to him,
promises many,
I chose however,
not to vocalize any
questions, we chose not to ask,
looking for answers,
seemed like a task
I believed he understood
all that I meant,
I didn’t know much about the future then,
so I happily gave him my present.

Paris, France

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