Monday, 26 October 2015


I have to love you now. I am trying hard to fall in love with you, all over again, despite your coldness. I am giving it my best shot to save this marriage. It's because we're taught to stich, mend, tolerate, suffer and save. It's because the onus of our relationship, it seems, lies on me. It's because I am not a kid and I can get to choose what I want and what I wish to let go. It's because I was told that I can't have everything in a relationship and I believed it. It's also because I was made to believe that love can be created like a happy family painting where the sun, the clouds, the house, the grass, and the family — everything seems perfect. We didn't seem like a happy painting right from the beginning. We weren't. And now it's even worse because walking out on you would mean abandoning your family, and hurting mine too. I'd be dubbed the impatient one, when I am not, and you know it. It's not your fault some people are incapable of loving. It's not my fault either because love is not a pairing that you can create. The fault lies in our education that binds our hands and makes it appear sinful to choose our happiness. I will soon learn to choose mine, and you yours'. We'll soon have our share of the spring. 
Let's enjoy the winter until then.

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