Wednesday, 9 January 2008

If you see this world without me

If you see, this world without me...
i wish you would not cry, just think of me and look at the sky.
i know it wont relieve you
and everytime you think of me, you will miss me too...
but i will drop a gaze from the sky,
looking deep into your eye...
i will tell you that i always loved you from the core of my heart,
so never think that we are far apart.

if you ever see, this world without me...
you will surely think of all the yesterdays...
the good ones and the bad...
you will miss the phone calls and the endless talks...
fightings-makeups-and dreamy walks...
but my love,
please do not drop a tear,
you might not see me,
but i am always near,
i know you would lurch to hold me once,
you would crave to feel my fist on your cheek,
but even at that time,
i dont want to see you helpless and weak,
so every time you would want me...
just open your arms to feel me in the air.
i know it;s difficult even to imagine a single day without me...
it would be equally difficult for me too,
to depart fot the heaven above,
leaving behind all those,
i dearly love.
but before that
just come near,
leaving behind all the fear,
i want to kiss you and say good bye,
with a tear in my eye,
i again wish
you would not cry...
i know,
i wont be there 2moro...
but this day will always last,
i will be right there in your heart
so there will be no past.

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