Monday, 21 July 2008

don't know why...

I don't know what is love..
all I know is that i wanna see u smile...
I dont know why..
But when I close my eyes..
I think of you ..
I feel like holding you in my arms..
I stand in front of the mirror n smile...assuming you to be near..
I write your name on my fist and close it tightly...
I keep telling myself that I don't wanna fall in love..
But when I hear from you..
I end up loving you more than ever..
I always pray for your happiness..
No matter how far you are..
You are always close to my thoughts..
I feel I can fall back..coz you will hold me..
Iam ready to hold your hand even when you say, you are confused..
Iam ready to love you more when you say, you are insecure...
I don't Know why...
But Iam ready to do whatever you say..
But then I suddenly realized..That we are together just for a while...
But then also all I want is YOUR smile!!!! :)

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