Saturday, 6 December 2008

I am a dreamer!

(For the love of dreams and for the sing-song poetry)

Yes I am a dreamer.
I dream a lot!!

Tell me whats wrong in that?
They say I live in a dreamy world,
So I am detached from reality.
But I am not!
Trust me when I say that
I have seen the real world.
I have seen one of my brothers killing another one.
I have seen several of my cousins getting raped.
I have seen my uncles and aunts turning into charcoal pieces in a sudden blast.
I have seen loots, plunder, and atrocities.
I have seen it all with naked eyes.
That’s when I started

Dreaming about a world, where there is peace everywhere.
Where a kiss and a hug is all that everyone shares.
I dream of a world, where there is goodness all around.
A world where there is no violent sound.
I dream that every family is happy and content.
I bring all the pretty things.
Yes I am a dreamer.
I dream a lot!!

I know that even you want to dream,
But you are scared that they wont come true.
But atleast a hope is better than no hope,
a dream is better than no dream,
because, something is better than nothing

And moreover in today’s tense atmosphere, its important to circulate the positivity around
So lets just start dreaming, and now tell me how does it sound???


  1. >It sounds more like a conversation...which makes it even better....!!

  2. >And yes...dreaming is a grt thing...not only to get away from the dark and gloomy shadow of the past....but also the tiresome troubles of everyday life....