Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Happy Birthday to the one who always manages to understand! :)

Incident one

1-05-2011- Tring…Tring… “Karan Calling” (morning, 10 am)
*Call missed*
1-05-2011- Tring… Tring.. “Karan Calling” (8pm)
*Call missed*
Instead of calling back, I sent a plain text saying “Sorry, super busy. I will call you in sometime”.  (7-05-2011)

Karan- Chill maar Pri! I understand J

Incident two

Me- meet me when you come to Delhi next.
Karan- Ofcourse! Let me know when and where?
*Some random date and time- I don’t remember*
*Plan fixed*
That random date and time arrives.
Karan- Tring tring…
Me- I can’t come. Some urgent work. L
Karan- Chill maar yaar, I understand.

How Karan Rastogi, How? How do you manage to just understand Everything! That too, with a smile.

Am I writing this because it’s your birthday? No, actually I am writing this because you are saat samundar paar and I miss you often. I am writing this coz you are one stupid friend who actually makes me smile. I am writing this because I wanted to make up for all the times, I have not been able to pick your call. I am writing this because I have nothing else to make you feel special on this day.  I am writing this because like always, I have goofed-up today as well... I just realized that I am low on balance and I can't make an ISD call. Damn! (Please scold me this time! I deserve to be scolded at least once! :-P) 

You are one of the very few nicey-nice guys in my life! No, we don’t share many secrets, we don’t even talk that often, still, there is some part of my heart that tells me, “you are lucky to have him Priyanka Kandpal ”.

Of attachments and distances…

I have said it a lot of times, I am good at getting nostalgic, I mean, Really Good! And of late I have also developed this habit of letting people know that I care! It's important at times, I have realized. And it makes the other person feel good! :-) 

Our first picture together :-)
The first time I met you… very random it was and honestly, I don’t even remember the day. The things I do remember are random snapshots, (For some reason, I love snapshots, they are frozen frames… moments frozen in time!).

=> Remember those quick hugs whenever I saw you and Rashmi near your ‘not-so-happening Stats department.  
                                                                                                                                =>The day me and Rashmi suspected you of blurting out things to Bunty… (lol)

Rou and Rashmi- Malkaganj
=>The tea outside…and the tripling on your bike…

=>The gossips and bitching… most of the time about Rashmi and the dumb asses in her life... :D

                                                                                         =>The graduation night…
Graduation Night...

=> The day we missed our Pune train, my trust on you grew manifolds…and my love too attained new heights! (how filmy!   :-P) I had heard people say, “we are a phone call away”… but I saw it quite literally that day…!

Inside your class...

=> Our only coffee date (if I may call it one ;-)) and lunch (minus Rashmi)… and lots of conversations…

=> Your SOPs, LORs, and other College Application...

=> Your sudden freelance writing ka bhoot and your first article on SEO link building! :P

=> Phone calls… texts… coffees… lunch… more phone calls… more texts… more coffees and more lunch… and it just went on and on…

And one fine day, the SOPs, LORs and College Applications worked... and you became firangi... and we (me and rashmi) the silly Indians realized how crazily awesome you had always been! 

-->Every time while having maggie at Kakke da Dhabba, Rashmi narrates endless tales about the 4 baje wali maggie you guys had together...

-->Every time we pounce at Chache de Chole Bhature, we think about you...

-->Every time we are at Chandni Chowk, We look for your old texts for recommendations on where to eat what...

-->Every time we wear those 'swadeshi shoes'... how we wish, we could have more of them... :D

--> Every visit to Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal... we can't help but think of u! 

College, eating, shopping, gossiping, bitching, whatever it is, You are missed every moment, Rastogi! 

Itna hi Kehna tha... :-P

***A very happy happy birthday to you Karan. Maze kar, bus!***


  1. Who is he Priyanka? o_O Well, Happy birthday bro... And this was a cute one. Likes. You don't share your notes on facebook now? I just noticed that I haven't read many of your recent wrte-ups n poems.

  2. I am trying to become a follower of your blog..but its not happening, I don't know why!

  3. rashmi ramchandani :)25 November 2011 at 23:02

    :) :)