Tuesday, 20 March 2012

For some six months back, you were just a random guy!

You’d pick me up from my place and we’d go for the practices together. That’s how it began! Despite my ‘I-can-go-on-my-own’ tantrums, sometimes, you’d drop me home too! And today, I hate to come home alone! I hate you for doing this to me. Arrgggghhh!!

6-7 months back!

All I knew about him was -

  • Puneet Sharma is Shanky’s 18yr old friend.  So he must be one heartless fellow with an instinctive hatred for “girly” stuff. (By girly I mean, all the cute-little emotions, behavioral patterns,  likes/dislikes associated with girls)
  • He is an Engineering graduate.
  • He drinks a LOT and smokes as well. (Reasons enough for instant repulsion!)
  • He wants to join Roobaroo for God knows what reason! 
  • He drives badly, talks to Rashmi and meets her quite often
There was a time when I even told Rashmi to stay away from him. Yes, I really did. I used to get so irritated to hear that this guy travelled all the way from Rohini to Model town to have Pav Bhaji. I mean, who does that? Moreover, I was scared that he will fall for Rashmi one day, aur aafat toh meri honi hai phir.
This very random guy comes to my place on my Birthday at around 12 am and gets my cake! Of course Rashmi asked him to do that! We clicked quite a few pictures and the very night, I told myself, “Not bad! He is sweet”!

Six-Seven months later

I am used to sitting in his car and his bike too! I am used to seeing him around almost every day. 8 out of 10 times when I step out of my house, I come back with him (I don’t know how). He keeps clicking my random pics and scares me to death that he’ll put them on fb one day. I still like him.  He makes me realize that I am careless but he doesn’t realize that it’s his presence that’s making me all the more careless.  I love his randomness! I love the way he says, ‘Pprrii’ (with double p,r, and i), I love it when he says, “mann mat maar, jo dil mein aaye kar le”,  I love the fact that I love the way he pampers me! I love that extra care and extra attention he gives to each one of his friends, I love it that he is one good friend to all his friends. I love it when he listens to my silly shitty stories, smiles stupidly, and says, “Uff, tera kya hoga”… I love it when he quietly turns off the A/C (even if its too humid outside), just because, me and Rashmi hate it! 

I totally love it that I am writing something for him today!

That's us :) almost all the time!

Okay, I know you’d just smile after reading this. 

You already know that I get attached to people, places and moments too quickly. We have spent quite a few ‘moments’ together, and I don’t think this post will be much of a surprise to you. I am just glued to you, I don’t know how did that happen. I don’t know exactly when you became a family.

Thank you for just being there, almost all the time!


  1. rashmi ramchandani :)20 March 2012 at 11:13

    i love you too three four five puniiyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
    p.s: loved "shanky's friend hence heartless :D wah miss kandpal:P

    and fall fr rashmi :D :D :D

    love you two together with me!

  2. awwwww....(ladkiyon wala)...khush ho jayega dil see..:)

  3. adorable! <3 mere pahaadi.. ;)

  4. :) :) :) (will keep on adding a smiley wenever i will read it)

  5. hhmmm.. family.. will he be part of family??