Thursday, 17 May 2012

Let me be your poem tonight...

Turn me into a verse and make me rhyme.
Let the assured me lie down on a paper white.
Let me be your poem tonight.

Unveil me layer by layer and let your thoughts run over the unpolished me.
Let me come to life amidst an inexplicable yet lovely fright.
Let me be your poem tonight.

Pamper me with metaphors, adorn me with euphony.
Let me be in every word you write.
Let me be your poem tonight.

Give me a meaning or alter my form.
For once, become a poet and let me be a poet's delight.
Let me be your poem tonight.


  1. Seek a god and find it in your own reflection :) Seek a poem and find that the quest itself was one ballad in making :)

  2. This is so brilliant! you know u should write more poetry. since u have lots of time post school :D and hey i like the way u are writing about ur journey in teaching so far. i think it's one of the noblest method to earn a living in this maddening world running behind money. for me teaching is like weaving patiently everyday, the future of the world. so you mademoiselle, rock. and as soon as the garmi ki chuttis come u should seriously consider writing poetry :D oh i feel nostalgic already thinking about those holidays. sigh

  3. And coming from the one whose poetry I admire a lot, I think I should consider writing more of poetry! ;) But you see, it's all a matter of mood with me. You can't plan and write a poem, it comes naturally. Isn't it?

    And as far as the teaching goes, well all I can say is that it was a pleasant accident. And I am loving it now and living it now! :)

  4. Yes it certainly is! Creativity occurs involuntarily i think and you can't really force yourself to cough up something amazing. But then again, when you keep on doing it, it becomes a habit. like it has become with me now. I have a tendency to think a lot in verses nowadays.

    And thank you for appreciating me! it makes me feel warm and fuzzy ^_^

    And i come here a lot, although i don't know what to comment on all your posts but i love reading them. i think of your blog as a personal diary which i'm privileged to see. and therefore your thoughts, your realizations are pure and straight-forward. And they are often funny or full of happiness. so keep em coming!

    and yes maa-kasam this poem is absolutely brilliant, i wish i could've written it! do post anything that u come up with whenever.
    zebyes :)

    1. aankh bhar aayi hai, ye sab sunkar! ;)

      Thankyou so much! It's so encouraging and "It makes me feel warm and fuzzy" :D

      Will surely update soon!