Saturday, 5 May 2012

Of pain, pills and poetry!

Disclaimer- It's a silly post! Don't read it.Just an outburst of some silly emotions. 

I am too strong, I always thought. But I am not, I lately realized.
I recently encountered this silly stomach infection, which in medical terms is called Colitis; and believe me you, I was dying and crying every moment. (Forget the past tense, I am still on medication :P ) I haven’t slept for god knows how many nights. It’s the craziest thing that ever happened to me.  Imagine something like this, severe stomach ache for almost a fortnight accompanied with fever, nausea, vomiting and a sickening feeling of urgency that leads to nothing but several painful trips to the washroom. Everytime your belly feels an urgency to empty the bowels, you remind yourself that you are suffering from Colitis and it’s nothing more than a sickening feeling!

“What the Fuck! Why is this happening to me?” I kept questioning that invisible yet potent supernatural existence, I always believed in.

No, I HAVE heard of a lot of dreadful diseases but well, I had just heard of them!  From hating the very smell of medicines to having 5 at a time! It’s CRAZY!

Whoever said that 'the scret of success lies in learning how to use pain', surely knew what he was talking about...

At the touch of pain (stomach ache to be precise), I became a lyricist! :P During the sleepless lights, I managed to write the antra for a my 'first song in the making'. :P 

Here it goes...

अब के गए तो पग नहीं धरना,
अब के गए तो पिया बात करना...
कब तक सावन में, एकली रहूंगी,
कब तक राहन को तकती रहूंगी..

भीगी सी ज़ुल्फें  बंधने को राज़ी ना,
धनि चुनर भी तों बैठी उदासी मा,
चूड़ी की खन खन रातो को चुभती है
नींदें सिरहाने पे डेरा लगाती ना..

अब के यूँ उलझी को सुलझी  ना करना,
अब के गए तो पिया पग नहीं धरना
... to be contd

p.s- the font was just a feeble attempt at making this otherwise boring post appear a little stylish and interesting.