Friday, 13 September 2013

A little here and a little there…

You took some part of me with you. 
She took some other. 
He remembers me in pictures I clicked with him 
and she thinks of me when she sees someone talking in French. 
They think about me and think I am the one who screwed up; 
and the little girl there, she tells her mom that I shout too much in class. 
The boy with curly hair once thanked me for understanding it all, 
and that beautiful friend from my school believed
I couldn't understand at all. 
I stay in the memory of the girl who calls me her best friend. 
I stay in the memory of the one
who tries to erase my memories with each passing day. 
I know I am there in your head, when you walk in rain. 
I know you think of me when you talk of pain.
I may be in your life, a thought in vain
At a distant place, a pizza slice brings my memories, 
when their happens a talk over a cup of coffee,
sometimes cheerfully, some other times forcefully
you think of me.