Monday, 7 October 2013

Of Times (Once again)

The ‘You’ and ‘I’
And the memories of “Us”
Remembered are the gossips,
And the college corridor hugs
Your ever patient heart,
That stayed calm even at our unreasonable shrugs
I don’t know how to define it now,
But back then, your presence was some kind of drugs

Stays true and intact,
Every word I ever said,
I thanked god for giving me you,
Every time I went to bed
It was wonderful,
The smiles that you’d spread
Moments unforgettable,
The way you wiped every tear we shed

Every night out,
All those girl talks
Remembered are your car drives,
And also the car-less walks
Mutual love for theatre
And then, “Roobaroo rocks”
Who would have thought,
That was all a beginning of some major shocks

Then came the day,
When the love-laden plane crashed,
Memories, moments,
It brutally mashed
‘Us’ could not be located
At the mention it, “you’ and “I” clashed

Every day the love, care
And things beyond that were missed,
Every day the old texts were read
And the ‘little Samsung’ phone was kissed
Some magic would happen,
Every day I dearly wished
Dramatic it may sound but my eyes rained,
Until my heart got dished

The rain suddenly stopped
And the weather looked fair,
Some magic happened and
‘You’ and ‘I’ got back, from I don’t know where
Let’s raise a toast to the love,
College corridor memories and oodles of care
Things might look a little changed,
As hundreds of talks we may now not share,
But you form a part of some really warm memories
And the “Us” has always been there