Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The New Found Happiness

Chance meetings, unplanned travels, hasty decisions, last moment actions; that's my thing. Right from eng (hons.) to theatre to French and now teaching, nothing was planned. Everything unorganized and unplanned has a special place in my life. It somehow manages to stay with me unlike the meticulously planned and nurtured decisions.

It's been a year at DAV Public School. I love my job and it keeps me happy; let's start with this. And honestly, my salary is mediocre and I don't see much chances of a good increment in the current year either. Any chance increment would be a delightful surprise though. I still love it because my job keeps me positive, bubbling with energy and smiling, all the time! There is surely a reason why this happy writer moved to teaching. 
I am happy because I get a good sleep. 3:30-6:30, I sleep like I am dead. 10pm-6am, I sleep again.
I am happy because half of my time is spent with children who love me unconditionally. I sometimes shout at them, give them looks, stay rude and stop myself from smiling. They'll still love me.

I am happy because two little kiddies in my school bus, wait for moments to chit-chat with me and tell me that I mean a lot to them. 

I am happy because in the morning, I see almost half my class standing at the reception, all smiling and cheerful, just to be the first one to wish me good morning! They tell me that one day they'll come and wish me right when I de-board the school bus. I somehow believe them. I am happy because I have learned to love this silly bundle of happiness because they give me hopes.

I am happy because my kids try to keep me happy. They plan surprises for me. They try all silly-little things to make me feel special.

I am happy because I enjoy free picnics and trips with children.

I am happy because I am living my school life all over again.

I am happy because I have almost quit the idea of growing up.

I am happy because after 3:30 I have all the time in this world to write blogs, do poetry, make plays, learn violin, meet friends, watch movies, surf Internet, make shopping plans, and do much more!

I am happy because I am about to complete a year here and this one year was beautiful and totally worth it. 

I am happy because now I don't have to tell anyone that I am happy. These days, it shows! :) 

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