Saturday, 4 January 2014

6 Things that School Teaching Teaches You

School teaching, teaches you a lot of things. Read a few that I experienced during my teaching years.

1. You almost stop taking revenge.

All of a sudden. The students who talk behind your back and say all sorts of nasty stuff about you in your absence. They make you learn to be patient. You learn to laugh at their acts. And when its the end of the year and they happen to wish you 'happy new year', you smile at them, as if, nothing ever happened. You feel the sudden change in yourself.

2. You have a Thankyou for every occasion.

'Sit down, thankyou' 'Very nice, thankyou'. 'Bring that, thankyou'. And there are times when 'very goods' replace your thankyous. 'sit down, very good', 'stand up, very good', 'tell me, very good', 'yes come here, very good', 'show me your book, very good', you haven't got your book, very good!'. And then after a point of time when you lose count of your thankyous and verygoods, it reflects in everyday things, in everyday life and interactions beyond school too.

3. You Hate PTMs.                                               

You almost start hating parents more than the kidsRight from the parents of those, who scored a D grade in the exam to the ones whose wards scored pretty good, everyone would have something or the other to blame you for. 'teach him good things, he doesn't respect his parents', 'her performance is going down, you're not paying attention to her ma'am', 'he talks too much', 'he doesn't talk a bit'. 'she doesn't revise at home', 'you give too much homework', 'you don't give homework at all'. And many other problems. Because at the end of the day, parents are never at fault, IT's THE TEACHER whose slightest of intervention can help a great deal. Well, true that.

4. Your dressing sense tends to degrade by the day. (this might not be true in some cases :D ).

 You stop bothering about wearing nice shoes, nice earrings, a good hand bag, etc. Because by the time you wake up, the school bus would start honking at the door. And anyway you'd need a handbag that could accommodate multiple exam sheets, and sometimes, notebooks too. And you'd need your footwear to balance the weights properly on your shoulders. So let's forget about 'dressing nicely', if you manage to 'dress okay', it's an achievement in itself. 

At times, you're proud to be the one 'guiding lamp' for many others. Some other times you feel exactly the opposite.

5. You start eating too much.

Everytime there is a break you need something to munch on. Your hand bags are generally stuffed with all sorts of easy to carry snacks. And then there are occasions when you start stocking coffee sachets, tea bags, biscuits, snacks, fruits, sweets, etc. You don't realize when exactly your locker turns into a mini kitchen shelf.

6. You almost stop thinking of any job other than teaching.

You get used to a set pattern of holidays that give a liberty to plan your travels. You start getting addicted to the afternoon sleep that you can take once you're back home. You love the fact that y
ou have got all the time in this world to pursue your passions. You become too lazy to leave this comfort for a nicely paid MNC job. You start believing that at the end of the day, what matters the most is the inner peace.

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  1. yar, i can relate to every word of this article.