Friday, 3 January 2014

The somethings

I am entering 2014 with somethings. Some promises that need to be fulfilled. Some long pending get-togethers that need to be organized. Some phone contacts that need to be dialed up. Some others that need to be cleaned up from the phone memory. 

These 'somethings' are very essential to me. They make me who I am. I am surely entering 2014 with almost all the bondings of the previous years. Some others that need a bit of reworking will also be taken forward happily. :)

A few regrets of the yester years will stick around for some time but I won't have much space for them this year.

If anything went wrong between the two of us in the years gone by, let it be. Okay, I am going to keep the best memory of us and would let it enter 2014 with me. I have always had room enough for good memories.

Anything that has the slightest potential of keeping my spirits high will find their way automatically.

What are those indispensable  'somethings' that you would enter 2014 with? :-)

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