Monday, 7 July 2014

A Love Story

Right when you’re all clueless about this bug called love that never bit you, you bump into something which you don’t understand at first but start liking the way it unfolds itself; and how it changes the way you look at things.

You do feel great looking at happy people, don’t you? I do. 

I am intending to talk about this recently engaged duo- my school friend Kirti Purohit and his fiancé Rahul Joshi. You see how it happens. 

Gloria Jeans, City Center: where they first met ;)

You meet a stranger, you connect and slowly the entire world seems to make sense. Suddenly, you want to believe that your happiness lies in that one person. Suddenly, you start taking your dreams more seriously. Suddenly, nights seem shorter and morning blues seem to disappear. Suddenly you can do all the monotonous tasks while you’re still on phone. Suddenly all the love songs start making more sense. Suddenly you want to save money, and think about your future. In the middle of all this confusion, and change; you suddenly fall in what they call, Love!

Some love stories are close to your heart. Although you’re not a part of those stories, you feel immensely happy about them.  You want to hear about them. You can’t help but call them cute. Some love stories rebuild your belief in love. And they make you want to fall in love and weave your own story. Yours is one such story!

It’s just the innocence and naivety of you two; that makes me feel great about this entire concept of love.  
God bless!

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