Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The check-list and more

Exactly two-three months back, I posted a really monotonous write-up stating my disappointments with
the entire idea of marriage. I remember mentioning some crazy dreams in the post. Well, little did I know that three months down the line, almost half of my crazy dreams would come true. It happens like that. Hope is a beautiful thing, it keeps you alive and kicking :D

I am going to France

And well, yes! That’s right. My wait-list got converted (which is so rare) and I made it to France. I am flying out in September. I have got the prettiest city in the South of France. It’s Nice. I couldn't have asked for more, honestly.

Fear of marriage subsided
My fear of marriage has subsided as my excitement for France is taking a toll. It may sound weird but I updated my profile on matrimonial websites too. I will soon share a review of all the five websites I created my profile on. It’s funny how everything you do gives you an experience. I seriously don’t regret doing what I did because it was all done with good intentions and it was fun. It gave me good content to write a fun review. So the marriage process has also slowed down. It’ll happen at the right time. Right now, France is in the priority-list.

This was a year of travels: Churu (Rajasthan), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), Leh-Ladakh (Jammu Kashmir). So, 5 places in six months was not bad. And the rest of the year is going to be in Europe. I am getting a Schengen Visa which would allow me to roam around the Europe.
I wanted to travel with strangers and there came Ladakh. How things happen.  Some experiences take you through territories unknown, and some others bring you closer to the known. Ladakh, was one such experience. More about the Ladakh experience in my next blog post.
My library, cafe, happiness initiative: all the other things I wished to venture into shall happen soon. I am optimistic. 

Update: I am soon starting another blog that will revolve around my experience in France. It’ll happen shortly. 

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