Thursday, 21 May 2015

It's Just that- Paris

It has the potential to
make you feel overwhelmingly loved
and suffocatingly lonely at the same time
It’s Paris, and it's just that.

Sitting at a Café,
you may read a book
or you may read faces
The Seine will always
remind you of all things deep,
and beautiful
It’s Paris, and it's just that. 

The artist that sings by the bridge,
can take your breath away
and make you stick around purposelessly for hours,
Walking on the road, has a charm of its own,
everything that you look at
is a picture in itself
It’s Paris. it's just that. 

Happiness, delight, melancholy, monotony,
It endows you with emotions,
all the time.
Quaint streets, and busy stations,
force you into ‘keep walking’
it’s normal to get lost
It’s Paris, and it's just that.

The sunsets in Paris are something to die for,
you always feel the desire to be kissed
by no matter who
It’ll always give you something to remember,
You’ll lose some,
and you’ll find some.
Love, make love,
or just fake love,
It’s Paris, and it's just that.

The view from Sacre Coeur,
makes you spend the entire night
looking at the city lights and star-lit sky
It’s Paris, and it's just that. 

You may have sipped the best hot chocolate,
and you may have walked on the most romantic bridge,
you may have found way to that inexpensive African Bar where you pay in cents,
you may have walked through cemeteries in the evening,
you may have scanned the entire Paris Map
but there is always something new
and unexplored or something old and explored
that will bring you back
to this city

It’s Paris, and it's just that

-Paris, France