Wednesday, 27 May 2015

to love, with love, for love

And then there will be moments,
when you’d sit lonely in a room,
sulking, sobbing, crying with a pillow,
or just sitting quietly
looking at the ceiling and wondering all day and night,
regretting, and cursing yourself,
for you made a decision
that didn’t work-out the way you expected
for you loved madly and did not receive the equal
amount of madness in return,
for you almost gave up the golden years of your youth
to this desire of being loved, and it gave you nothing,
but a bunch of sad diary entries and a pile of undelivered love letters,
for you held on to things for far too long,
and returned empty handed
for you made choices that took away your best friends, and left you lonely
for you became blind and couldn’t differentiate the good from the bad
and also for you trusted too easily and believed in goodness
for you took that road and it didn’t get you anywhere
for someone took back the hand when you needed it the most
I’d say,
forgive yourself, for the decisions you made,
for the decisions you sometimes call mistakes,
for the decisions that fill you with regrets and make
you want to ctrl z,
for the decisions that made you an adult much before
you could realize
and for the decisions that make you feel like
you’ll never be able to trust someone and for the decisions that force you into thinking that you’d never be able to love again,
for love my dear, is love after all
"love is never wasted even if it doesn’t last"

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