Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Another note to my kids

Hey you,
little one,
I want you to be the one who cares too much
we already have a lot of them
who don’t give a shit,
so be the one, who cares too much,
makes efforts, forgives easily and loves fiercely.

You’ll never fall short of love,
trust me when I say that
so just be the one who is always there,
the one who takes the first step
and the one who picks up the torn corners of the thread 
and tries to stitch them back together
Be the person you think you’d instantly fall in love with
Be the one who never holds back, 
and the one who always gives away a lot

Be the one who listens a lot,
because you know, 
in this world there are very few people who do that
be the one who makes promises and fulfills them, 
the one who doesn’t leave others in the middle of nowhere
be the one who knows what it means to be loving,

Be the one who cares too much, 
There is no better giving,

than giving love!

1 comment:

  1. You make everything seem so easy. And effortless. And meaningful.
    All smiles.