Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It's time that I let you go

Last night when you were sleeping by my side
and you kissed me goodnight
curling your arm around me,
I wanted to whisper it into your ears,
then and there,
but then I know that you live for moments,
and I didn’t want to spoil it for you,
so I’d let you love me
for some more time.

I wanted to tell you
that you don’t need me
and it’s time that I let you go.

I am sorry that I came to a realization,
that I was the one who cared too much
because I always believed that the world needs
more people who care much
and people who give a shit
and people that stick around
even when it’s like walking against the wind and
getting knocked down every time you proceed
But I did it all out of passion,
and out of the trueness that I once,
saw in your eyes
I am sorry but I don’t see the trueness in your eyes
You really don’t need me,
and it’s time that I let you go.

I am sorry but I am going to take some
part of you with me,
the true one,
the one, that you revealed to me,
the night we spent on phone,
you counted the stars in your city and
I told you about the morning sun in mine.
and that one too
which once told me,
that I was special, and made me believe it.
I congratulate you on the change,
and so, you really don’t need me
and it’s time that I let you go.

I subtly resign to my downfall,
to all that I couldn’t bring back
despite all my efforts.

I hope, I dearly hope, that life is kind on you,
for I won’t be there to kiss you when it isn’t.
for I really won’t be there to do that extra bit
when everything else would seem to be falling apart,
I won’t be there to prepare you the morning tea,
and to ask you if you had a great dinner
I won’t be there to lend you my ears
when the world disappoints you,
and I, sure as hell won’t be there
to celebrate your happiness

This is me,
letting you know,
that I am leaving.
I am finally releasing my grip
This is my departure, my disinclination, 
my heartache, and my final word to you
to you,
my dear, you don’t need me anymore,

and it’s time that I let you go. 

2 a.m in the morning. In my room (lycée Romain Roland)

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