Sunday, 5 July 2015

Why dating a poet might change your life.

I have read a lot of posts on this topic. I am definitely inspired enough to share some of my own thoughts.

You’ll live forever. They will write beautiful things about you and you’ll forever be safe in the pages  of their notebook.

They prettify the ordinary. They’ll make you feel loved in their own poetic way. They’ll have quotes handy to slip inside your door during hard times. They’ll have ready-made poems to lift your spirits when it is much required.
 You’ll never have problems with them for not being expressive. You’ll see them pouring their hearts out in everything they write.  They’d always have many things to write about. They’d believe in talking things out because that ways they’d feel lighter.      

 Apologies of a poet are something to believe in. When they’re sorry, they’ll show you that they mean it.

Deciding a gift would never be a problem. Buy them a postcard, a diary or a pen for their birthday, and they’re all yours. No need to empty your pockets to impress them, just write them a few original lines, and that’s their best birthday gift.

 With a poet you’ll never have issues about space. They know what it means to be giving space. They’ll respect your need for solitude without making it look abnormal.

 All your memorable occasions would always be safe in their diaries in the form of beautiful poetry. Your first kiss, the first time you made love, your fights and even the little-nothings— everything will find a space in their diaries.

Poets are simple people and finding a dating place for them is no headache. Take them near the mountains, river, a bookstore or simply sip a nice tea with them. They are happy.

Poets have an opinion about everything, so you don’t have to worry about starting a conversation with a poet. They’ll either start their own, or take yours’ forward with great ease.

Poets are easy-to-understand, uncomplicated beings. They are what they write.

 Poets are obsessed with revolutions and they believe in changing the world in their own little ways.They’ll always make you realize the importance of little pleasures in life. 

They’d use the word, ‘Sublime’, for almost every emotion they’re unable to put into words. But most of the time, they'd invent words.

 Most important of all, a poet will fill your world with love, life, inspirations, hopes, colors, drama, and all things human. They’ll make you believe that life is indeed a series of poetry. 

Feel free to share your thoughts :)

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