Monday, 27 July 2015

The new age romantics


We’re a generation of emojis and messages,
and we make efforts,
we’re a generation that makes efforts
to send ‘good morning’ texts, for instance
We remember anniversaries, friendship days,
happy days, not-so-happy days, and other days in between
we invent days, we’re a generation of inventions
we invent newer ways of communication,
we have invented Whatsapp, Viber , Skype, Hike,
Tinder, OkCupid, Hitch, Down, Grindr and many others too

We’re creators of virtual worlds,
we’re socially networked, emotionally irked
we make friends online,
and find dates too,
our lives are bright and perfect,
like the pictures we share on Insta
our ideas and projects are not ours to keep,
they’re ‘Pin’ned everywhere for everyone’s ‘interest’
be it declaring love or calling it quits,
Facebook will know it first,
We’re a generation of believers,
we believe in status messages,
and profile pictures,
good times are good,
when we manage to have wifi
to tell ‘having fun with fourteen others’
we believe in conversations,
that happen on messenger
we fight and make-up there,
we come together and break-up there
it’s there that we hug and kiss,
we feel nostalgic and we miss,

We’re a generation that thrives on validation
likes, comments, shares, hashtags,
more likes, more comments, more shares, and more hashtags
we belong to the dim white light of our PCs tablets and mobiles,
because we’re a generation of emojis and messages,
and we make efforts,
in showing things rather than doing things.

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