Saturday, 22 August 2015

Poetry Trails: #2 Then and Now

Poetry Trails is a “collective poetry movement” that I and a dear friend started a week back. It’s all about taking a poem forward or simply starting a new one with a similar theme, that is in some way related to the original one. In other words, if I write something, the other person can either continue with the same poem or write a quick response to it, or he/she can even give it an all new context and perspective. 

So last week, Sneha* updated Stars and I written by both of us, on her blog. And this week it’s my turn. If the poem moves anything inside you and gives you a motivation to add, invent, or experiment, go ahead and put it in the comments section. We’ll then add it to the original post. ;)

As of now, it’s I and Sneha. We don’t really need to know who wrote what, do we? ;-) 

That blank paper stares at me from a distance
With a pen in hand, I try to form the words
I still remember how easy it was once,
when I would write prose,
for you, for us,
I still remember how lovingly you'd read through
each line holding my hands tight giving a peck on my cheeks
We'd read all day long forgetting the time
absorbed in my words we'd dose off heads on shoulders..

But now…
the muse seems to have disappeared,
I don’t blame you for anything,
It’s not you, it’s actually us,
we’re forgetting something, I guess.
May be, just may be.
We’re forgetting to touch?
I think that’s what triggered the muse for me.
Remember the very first time
I cooked a meal for you,
I was all sweaty in the kitchen,
and you just stood by my side,
Occasionally tucking the strand of a stray lock behind my ear
and telling me stories,
I wrote about us that night,
and you spent the whole night reading and re-reading it,
Back then we were a different us

*Sneha is a super active fellow blogger who's blog you must check-out because she writes on a variety of topics. Check-out Indelible Musings. You must get familiar with her blog because the next Poetry Trail will be published there!

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