Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lost II

Hold hands?
no leave the hand,
because holding hands
I lose track of the road
and I am forced to
walk on the one
you take me to
Don’t ask me for the last ride together
I won’t hold hands
No I won’t kiss
Kissing suffocates
I lose track of
time and space
and enter into a world that
doesn’t exist
don’t make me immortal with a kiss
I won’t kiss
No I won’t think,
thinking maddens,
it hampers and destroys the beauty
of the unknown
it kills the essence
of the surprise.
I can’t think now
I will think about it tomorrow.
Yes I will fly,
fly to a different land
because flying liberates
I will fly from the known to the unknown
I’ll stick around for some time
only to take another flight
I will fly.

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