Monday, 24 October 2011

To the silly corner that says, "About the Author"

Ever since I started blogging, I have been trying real hard to pen down something about me to make that little corner “about author” look a little less dead.

So I thought I should dedicate this blog post to the silly corner that says, "about the author". I am going to pen down a few random facts about me… and the idea is to keep it super random!

  1. I am a die-hard romantic. Well, I wanted to start with this one... I really wanted to because people around me would find it difficult to digest. 
  2. I am bad with maths. Now this is something that everyone knows and I so wanted to make it official. I hate mathematics. Don’t you dare put me through a maths test. No matter how simple it is, I will puke.
  3. I am not as sorted and level-headed as I pretend to be.
  4. I don’t follow sports. Yes, I know that English Premier League is “an English professional league for association football clubs”. But let’s just finish it there; I would not want to take that discussion forward.
  5. I have lately realized that I am way too sarcastic and hence way too annoying at times.
  6. I am not at all fashion conscious. 
  7. When I am in a bad mood, it’s better not to push me into talking. I take my own good time to get back to normal. So don’t panic.
  8. I have never been into a relationship and if I ever told you I was, then it was probably because I thought you were hitting on me
  9. I am not shy but I don’t like public display of affection. If you are my guy, don’t put your hand around my waist when in public. I won't go out with you ever! 
  10. I love clicking pictures. I am a poser. 
  11. I am used to getting nostalgic. I miss people, places, and moments more than frequently. And I get too attached too quickly.
  12. I may look tiny but don’t you dare call me weak. I can edit articles, run around places, take workshops, talk on phone, skip my meals...all at once... without an “uff”. No kidding. 
  1. Call me and tell me that you have some work. Keep it straight. Don’t try to feed me any bullshit when you actually mean to get some work done. It puts me off.
  2.  If you ever received a call from me on Diwali, that means, I consider you a really good friend. The day I stop doing that, it means, it’s your turn to maaro efforts.
  3. I never get fussy about the issues of time and space and I can’t tolerate anyone accusing me of the same. I politely tell everyone to Understand because I do the same!
  4. I have not taken any formal training in singing. I don't have a "aah so pretty voice" but I like to sing. 
  5. I have been freelancing ever since I have sambhaloed hosh. 
  6. I love multitasking. Love it to the core. I am a workaholic in every sense of the word.
  7. If you are genuinely sorry and want to patch up, I would genuinely forgive you.


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  2. at each and every point in this post i was like.. "aah..!! i know that ..! " so you see... i know about this author nicely and acutely..
    with the addition of another fact in the line that : bad english or grammer is an annoyance for you :P